Leviathan - Tim Curran Post-reading:
This novella did not redeem itself for me. Curran has a great idea here with his time gateway, which is the only reason I am giving this 2 stars instead of 1. My copy is marked up with spelling, punctuation, grammatical, and consistency errors. I would love for the author to see all of the ridiculous, simple mistakes that he allowed his book to be published with! I stated in my previous review (below) that I was hoping his monster would make the story great for me. But it didn't. Godzilla destroyed Tokyo, this guy destroyed a small fishing village. It left me craving originality. I would love to see the time gateway premise utilized in a longer work by a writer with more talent and vision.

The very first thing that bothered me about this book was obvious before I even cracked the cover. I purchased it online and didn't realize the spacing/formatting error on the back cover until I physically had the book. I am usually put off by books that are just thrown together without consideration for obvious errors. Like the skipped line in the middle of the sentence on the back cover. It seems that was just the beginning of my disappointment with Leviathan. By page 8, I had already found several very blatant errors in tense and hyphen usage, as well as 'your' instead of 'you're'. As a copyeditor, it's very clear there was no professional editing of any sort done on this. The language is much rougher and more vulgar than necessary. (Vulgarity is not an issue for me in itself, however it is excessive and detracts from the story.) And finally, I found the ridiculous amount of name and brand drops in the first couple chapters very annoying. Despite the language, grammar, and syntax wearing on the English nerd in me, I still plan to finish this little book with the hope that the story itself can distract me from everything else. I LOVE leviathans, denizens of the deep, all the giant prehistoric monsters. Hopefully Curran's monster can redeem this novella for me!