On Lives Subway Supplement

On Lives Subway Supplement - Mike Parish, Dan Tarnowski I received this booklet through Goodreads' First Reads program!

Parish's booklet "On Lives Subway Supplement" is a smart collection of ten short essays on some pretty random topics. The author's chosen topics include walking, lawns, aging, and even online dating. Though they're not particularly mind-blowing, the essays are short enough to entertain anyone for long enough to avoid boredom in places such as bus stops, subways, or doctor offices.

"On Walks and Walking" discusses the author's thoughts on leisurely walking. He expresses that it has become a lost art and encourages readers to get up and walk versus leading a more sedentary lifestyle.

"On Lawns" is a funny little essay highlighting the history of the lawn and the extent people go to to keep their lawns looking nice (though usually hiring someone to do it for them!).

"On Aging" was a particular favorite of mine. Parish writes that between the sun damaging our skin and gravity pulling us down to the Earth, aging is aided by the very world we live in. He also explores the happiness and curiosity of children, asking why we can't maintain such attitudes as we grow older.

I found "On Online Dating" to be chuckle-inducing. Parish wonders if people who have such a difficult time finding and keeping a partner that they have to depend on the Internet to help should really reproduce. Survival of the fittest must be keeping these people from finding a sexual partner for a reason. Though he does express that some people are just far too busy to properly date outside the Internet, he stresses that anything as important as finding a partner should be given as much time and energy as we can allot to it.

I found this booklet entertaining for a short time, but was not exactly impressed. My overall reaction was just as so-so as the three of five stars I have given this essay collection.