The Dragon Book: Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy

The Dragon Book: Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy - Garth Nix, Jonathan Stroud, Diana Gabaldon, Gregory Maguire, Diana Wynne Jones, Bruce Coville, Jane Yolen, Tad Williams, Gardner R. Dozois, Harry Turtledove, Jack Dann, Kage Baker, Sean Williams, Liz Williams, Andy Duncan, Mary Rosenblum, Adam Stemple, Cecelia Holland, Pet A wonderful compendium of 19 short stories, written by some of the biggest names in fantasy writing, including Peter S. Beagle, Tad Williams, Gregory Maguire, and Tanith Lee, some of my personal favorites- and all centering around dragons of all types. From lands of fantasy to present day, from evil dragons slain by the classic hero archetype to the noble, magical beings of lore, there are stories to satisfy all lovers of the draconic and fans of the fantasy genre.

Not all of the stories were worth the time spent reading them, in my opinion, but the extreme diversity of these tales ensure there are at least a handful of stories that every reader will enjoy. The diversity also allows the reader to experience these classic beasts in some settings and situations in which they otherwise may not have been included in, creating a fascinating plethora of new experiences for readers.

Story List & Ratings:
"Dragon's Deep" - Jonathan Holland (4 of 5)
"Vici" - Naomi Novik (2 of 5)
"Bob Choi's Last Job" - Jonathan Stroud (3 of 5)
"Are You Afflicted With Dragons?" - Kage Baker (5 of 5)
"The Tsar's Dragons" - Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple (4 of 5)
"The Dragon of Direfell" - Liz Williams (3 of 5)
"Oakland Dragon Blues" - Peter S. Beagle (5 of 5)
"Humane Killer" - Diana Gabaldon & Samuel Sykes (3 of 5)
"Stop!" - "Ungentle Fire" - Sean Williams (2 of 5)
"A Stark and Wormy Knight" - Tad Williams (4 of 5)
"None So Blind" - Harry Turtledove (5 of 5)
"JoBoy" - Diana Wynne Jones (3 of 5)
"Puz_le" - Gregory Maguire (4 of 5)
"After the Third Kiss" - Bruce Coville (5 of 5)
"The War That Winter Is" - Tanith Lee (3 of 5)
"The Dragon's Tale" - Tamora Pierce (5 of 5)
"Dragon Storm" - Mary Rosenblum (3 of 5)
"The Dragaman's Bride" by Andy Duncan (5 of 5)