America's Endangered Wildlife

America's Endangered Wildlife - George Laycock "America's Endangered Wildlife" is a comprehensive wealth of information about individual species disappearing right from our own back yards. The author delves deep into sixteen individual species especially threatened and gives tips for how they can be saved from the brink, and also summarizes the plight of almost a hundred total species. I found this to be an informative and interesting work, but having read it purely for leisure, I found it to be quite unmemorable. Just a day after finishing the book, I found myself combing the pages for inspiration in writing this review.
Laycock is an authority on American wildlife and conservation, having penned several books on the subject. This one in particular is a valuable resource for anyone interested in protecting these animals, most threatened solely by humans invading and destroying their natural habitats.
I gave this book four out of five stars for highlighting such a worthy cause and bringing the issue of threatened and endangered American animal species. I really hope this book finds its way into the hands of more and more people determined to help with this issue for generations to come.