The Sins of the Father

The Sins of the Father - Jeffrey Archer Abruptly beginning exactly where its prequel, "Only Time Will Tell", left off. In the heat of World War II, Harry Clifton goes to extreme measures to maintain the rouse of his true identity, while Emma Barrington, unable to accept Harry died in the wreck of the Kansas Star and takes an extended leave to the United States to uncover the truth about her beloved, determined not to return to England without him.

A secondary character in the series' first installment, we get a much deeper, intimate knowledge of Giles Barrington, Harry's long-time friend and Emma's brother, as his importance in the events of the series grows. Believing his friend has not survived the sinking ship, Giles sets out to fulfill Harry's dream of joining the Royal Army and fighting the Germans. Giles faces many of his own trials and tribulations as he rises quickly through the ranks, becoming more uncomfortable as he is given command of soldiers he once considered peers and equals.

The reader also meets a slew of new, colorful characters also, some minor and others causing major plot twists, such as ruthless, renowned New York lawyer Sefton Jelks.

The ever-present question of Harry's paternity is once again the key problem at hand, the one detail keeping the star-crossed lovers, Harry and Emma, from their dream of spending their lives together as husband and wife.

Obsessed with proving he did not father Harry, Hugo Barrington, destitute and running his family's company into the ground, draining the coffers just to survive. He hires a private investigator to keep tabs on Maisie Clifton's every move, bent on keeping the secret of Harry's survival a secret to ensure Giles will inherit the Barrington shipping company, if anything remains of the company as Hugo drains it dry of all funds.

Just as beautifully written and shockingly suspenseful, this dramatic sequel matches the high expectations I had set after "Only Time Will Tell", and as in its predecesor, this novel begins by answering a few questions posed at the abrupt ending of the first novel, ending in the same manner- making one want to immediately go out for a copy of the third installment of The Clifton Chronicles. Well beyond worth the read, The Clifton Chronicles are fascinating novels set during a fascinating time in history. I give it five out of five stars and commend the author on his consistency and writing abilities.