Forex Frontiers "The Essentials of Currency Trading"

Forex Frontiers "The Essentials of Currency Trading" - Ivan Cavric I received my copy through Goodreads' First Reads program!

As an introduction to foreign exchange trading, this book does its job very well. I began this book with absolutely no knowledge or previous experience on this topic, but felt I had a firm grasp of the basics upon finishing. It is a very easy read, so anyone interested in researching this career should have no problem understanding what they need to know to decide if FOREX trading is a viable option for them. I truly enjoyed learning about this trade, as it is something I previously knew nothing about, and I was greatly disappointed by the two major drawbacks I noted throughout the book- the author’s constant warnings that there is little chance of success in this trade, and the obvious lack of proofreading and editing.

One major setback I saw in the author’s approach to teaching FOREX is that he constantly reiterates how few actually succeed in this market and how novices barely stand a chance. While I appreciate Cavric’s caution and concern for his readers, I found it only made me afraid to even try to go ahead with my education of FOREX trading because the author seems to push that there is little to no hope for success anyway. He states numerous times that only five percent of FOREX traders are able to make a living from this practice, many being large banks, governments, and financial institutions. This leaves almost zero hope for your everyday, run-of-the-mill trader.

From a literary standpoint, the editing of this book is simply horrible! There are words randomly missing and sentences that lack their first couple words, making some extremely difficult to understand as the reader must imagine what words belong there. I would hope that a system that boasts that it will “jumpstart anyone’s desire to enter the exciting world of FOREX” would take a little more time examining what they are providing someone looking to make a life-altering change. I was thoroughly enjoying learning about trading psychology, market trends, and strategies, but the constant lapse in grammar and sentence structure made me feel that maybe this information was just churned out quickly to reach a publisher and make a profit (since the editing step was obviously skipped over completely), and perhaps its information is less that completely credible.

FOREX Frontiers is divided into fourteen chapters, each highlighting a different area of interest to FOREX traders, such as money management, designing your own trading strategy, deciding if FOREX trading is right for you, and how to jumpstart your own career. The author utilizes graphs and tables to make the denser information more reader-friendly, and there are also many bulleted lists to help break up the information, when droning paragraphs would only lead to confusion. Although, one problem I saw with the author's choice of graphs is that he refers to different colored lines to show his points, but the book is printed in black and white! This makes it a bit difficult to even know which line he is referencing.

I really wanted to give FOREX Frontiers five out of five stars, but the negatives weighed heavily on me as a reader, so it will have to settle for four stars. I would recommend this as a source of beginner information for anyone interested in researching FOREX trading, but if you’re easily scared, you may want to find another reference. And if you’re skeptical about your ability to maintain your interest in foreign exchange trading, FOREX isn’t for you.